Facility professionals , CRE strategy and property cost reduction

PFC Partners Facility Consultants, Co., Ltd.
We provide CRE support services centering on comprehensive consulting of property strategy for corporations
by our highly qualified professional staff including real-estate appraisers and facility managers.
We would like you take full advantage of our services for your property strategies
from property evaluation, cost reduction to relocation of head offices and branches.
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Partners Facility Consultants Co., Ltd.
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E-mail : info@partners-fc.co.jp
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We respond your needs through our rich and seasoned experiences of CRE strategy such as M&A.


Key Words

Cost reduction Proper rent valuation Rent reduction method Office environment diagnosis Relocation plan of head office/branch Construction estimate assessment Free FM diagnosis

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Group of professionals of corporate real estate (CRE) strategy

Comprehensive CRE support Property expenses cost reduction
Facility risk control Improvement of office environment

Administration of consolidation/elimination of head office/branches, and relocation plan

(Facility manager)

Evaluation of own property/assessment of sell or hold

(Real-estate appraiser)

Proper rent valuation/negotiation of leased building

(Real-estate appraiser)

Seismic diagnosis/asbestos/disaster prevention measures

(Building manager)

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