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PFC Partners Facility Consultants, Co., Ltd.
We provide CRE support services centering on comprehensive consulting of property strategy for corporations
by our highly qualified professional staff including real-estate appraisers and facility managers.
We would like you take full advantage of our services for your property strategies
from property evaluation, cost reduction to relocation of head offices and branches.
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Partners Facility Consultants Co., Ltd.
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We respond your needs through our rich and seasoned experiences of CRE strategy such as M&A.

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Private Information Protection

Hereunder, all directors and employees of Partners Facility Consultants Co., Ltd. declare that we will conduct our business activities based on the basic policy as stated below, in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations , guidelines of authorities in charge and any other requirements concerning protection of private information.

  1. In dealing with private information, we will limit the purpose of use to minimum, using such information within its scope.

  2. In the event we acquire any private information, we will promptly advise the purpose of the use to the subject person, using such information upon approval of the person, unless such information is already public knowledge.

  3. With regard to any private information, we will make its disclosure/amendment, etc. upon request of the subject person of such information, and in accordance with pertinent laws, regulation and other requirements.

  4. We will not engage in the provision/disclosure of any private information to a third party without the approval of the subject person, unless such disclosure has been obligated by court order or any other legal requirement.

  5. In acquiring private information, we will not use deceit or any other unethical or unlawful means.

  6. We will try to maintain private information in correct and updated contents of a scope necessary to accomplish the purpose of the use of such private information.

  7. We define our purpose of the use of private information as below, and we use such information for the proper performance of the job in hand.
    1. Business related to head office relocation, store consolidation and elimination, head office/branch refurbishment, extension or reconstruction, etc. of clients.
    2. Business related to real estate evaluation, transaction, intermediation, leasing, etc.
    3. Business related to client risk management.
    4. Business related to information security protection, etc. of clients.
    5. Business related to property management, etc. of clients.

  8. In order to ensure complete prevention of leakage, loss or damage of any private information as well as complete safety control, we will establish a solid internal system in regard to storage and administration of materials we deal with, and strictly observe our obligations to confidentiality.

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